In Beverage Sales, the 'Why' is the 'How'

‘Why’ is the ‘How’ in Beverage Sales

Tuesday, 06 December 2016 by

Connecting To Your Customers: Are you in the business of beverage sales… specifically craft beer, wine, or spirits? Maybe you even bought a winery yourself or are building a craft brewery? If you are, then you understand the importance of getting people through your doors and picking your product up off the shelf. The importance of engaging your potential

Artwork by Paul Morstad | Wine Labels for the hatch

I have had the chance to work with some amazing people in the beverage industry. One of the most talented people I have met is Paul Morstad… the artist who created the artwork for the majority of the brand’s visual identity and wine labels for the hatch, in West Kelowna, BC. Paul is one of those people

Connect to the emotion of your buyer

Why We Buy… Some Thoughts on Beer and Wine

Thursday, 15 September 2016 by

Most of what I do is help a business (winery, brewery, etc) sell a product. Research, strategy, planning, design concepts… all boiling down to helping them tell their brand story through their product packaging and design. Working to increase shelf presence and opportunity to connect a customer to a bottle of wine or a case of


Let me start by first saying… maybe you don’t. Perhaps you already have a beautiful family of labels for your products. Labels that hold a long standing tradition, or are so perfectly designed that every beer, wine, or spirit connects to it’s specific target market 100% of the time. But that seems unlikely. Designs can

Perseus Winery in Penticton | A brand revitalisation

In early 2014, I was given the opportunity to work on a very exciting project with Terrabella Wineries. A brand revitalization for an Okanagan winery, on the beginning of the Naramata Bench. Perseus Winery in Penticton BC was building a reputation for making great BC wine, including a number of award winning vintages in some classic BC